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Pressing principle of hand sanitizer bottle

First press: When we press the press head for the first time, the press head drives the auxiliary column through the connected main column to compress the spring together; During the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the inner cavity wall of the body, causing the piston to open the discharge hole of the auxiliary column; When the piston slides downward, the air in the body is discharged through the already opened auxiliary column discharge hole.
Aspiration: Press the press head with your hand through the main column, auxiliary column, and piston. After jointly compressing the spring to exhaust the air in the body, release the press head. As the spring loses pressure, it moves back (up). At this time, the piston also moves downward by rubbing the inner wall of the body, closing the discharge hole of the auxiliary column; At this time, the liquid storage chamber in the body forms a vacuum suction state, and the glass ball is sucked upward. The liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage chamber of the body through a suction tube.
Storage of liquid: Press the pressing head several times and store the liquid to the body through multiple suction until the liquid is fully stored.
Liquid discharge: When the liquid storage chamber of the body is full of liquid, press the press head again, and the liquid will be directly ejected from the press mouth through the discharge hole.
Press type bottle cap opening method
To open a press type bottle cap, first rotate the press tube out, and there is a toothed part underneath the tube. Hold the toothed portion with one hand or a rag, and rotate the nozzle with the other hand to open it.
The working principle of a press type bottle is to use the movement of the piston to form a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the air in the bottle and discharge liquid. When pressing the nozzle by hand, the spring is compressed, the inlet valve closes, and the piston moves downward.
Then the exhaust valve opens, and the liquid is squeezed out of the outlet pipe under the action of air pressure. When the hand is released, the spring returns to its original state, causing the piston to move upward, and the liquid rises into the reservoir under pressure, allowing it to be continuously sucked out of the bottle.