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Correct usage of medical glass bottles

Now we can't do without glass, but do you know the medicinal glass bottle? In fact, it is an industrial product used for medical purposes. With the continuous development of medical technology and the expansion of the medical market, medical glass bottles are one of the more representative industrial products. However, medical glass bottles are different from ordinary glass bottles, so the methods of use are also different. How to correctly use medical glass bottles,
The medical glass bottle is a small sealed glass bottle for injection, which is usually used to contain various medical medicines. In fact, we often see this kind of small bottle in the hospital, and when it is necessary to use it, the top of the bottle mouth is broken. Aim the syringe at the top to suck the liquid medicine.

Nowadays, ordinary injections are filled with medicinal glass. In the past, ordinary glass bottles needed medical staff to break the bottle mouth and suck out the liquid medicine, which was easy to scratch the fingers. Now, the medicinal glass has been improved on the basis of the previous one, and has been marked on the bottle mouth. With a little pressure, the bottle mouth can be broken. It is more convenient to use a needle to suck the liquid medicine.

What we should pay attention to is that before using the medicinal glass bottle, we need to use the grinding wheel to cut the scratch on the bottle mouth, and then make the scratch to make the point of force clearer, and also make the easily broken parts more fragile, which will break the bottle mouth conveniently. Then disinfect and break the bottle mouth. Generally, the manufacturer will make a mark at the place that is easy to break to facilitate the medical staff to bend along the direction of the mark, which is more humanized.