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Talk about the advantages of health care bottle made of glass

Due to the continuous development of people's lives, we have realized the importance of health care, and the material of health care bottle has also been strictly considered in the safety of health care products. The traditional glass materials are also gradually returning to the market. The market occupied by plastics, PET, PE and other materials has gradually returned to the field of health care bottles. According to the market, the occurrence rate of glass material is much higher than before. Consumers are also willing to accept the packaging attitude of health care products made of glass.

In the material application of health care product bottles, the use of glass has three advantages:

1、 The glass material does not produce toxic substances, and consumers will not have resistance psychology.

2、 Nowadays, hot filling technology is used in health food packaging. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of hot filling technology, hot filling will be a mainstream form of health food packaging in the future, and glass health product bottles can just meet this demand.

3、 Compared with other packaging materials, glass materials have a sense of texture, which can reflect the quality of products. Especially for high quality food, it is undoubtedly a better packaging.