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Introduce the materials used in plastic bottles for medicine

At present, various packaging manufacturers generally need to use pet material in the process of manufacturing plastic bottles for medicine. The plastic bottle packaging has the advantages of being not easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, sanitary, and meeting the special requirements of drug packaging. It can be directly used for drug packaging without cleaning and drying, and is a standard pharmaceutical packaging container, It is widely used for the packaging of oral solid drugs (such as tablets, capsules, granules, etc.) and oral liquid drugs (such as syrup, tincture, etc.). Compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers, plastic bottles for medicine have many special features.
Introduce relevant information and knowledge of plastic bottles for medicine:
1. Capacity: Due to the particularity of drug packaging and medication, from a few milliliters to about 1000 milliliters, the shape is mostly round, but also square, oval and other shapes.
2. In order to ensure that the drugs are not affected by moisture and deterioration within the validity period, the plastic bottles for medicine should have good sealing and permeability resistance, and can prevent the impact of light, heat, water vapor, oxygen, etc. on the drugs.
3. The inner wall of the bottle is in direct contact with the drug. The bottle-making materials need to meet the requirements of the drug packaging to ensure the safety of the drug.
4. Plastic bottles for oral solid and liquid medicine belong to a class of packaging materials. It can be used for drug packaging without cleaning and sterilization, so it has high requirements for microbial limit. The production environment and process should meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
5. The shape, size and structure of medical plastic bottles should meet the requirements of various filling machines of pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as the requirements of high-speed automatic filling machines.
The existing medicinal plastic bottle products can be divided into plastic, PET, polyethylene, etc. PET is also known as polyester. The reason why this material is so popular is, first of all, because the material is relatively light, resistant to pressure, not easy to crack, and the sealing is particularly good, not only moisture-proof, but also particularly sanitary, which can meet the special requirements of drug packaging.