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Talk about the quality requirements of medicinal glass bottles

It is now observed that a large number of medicinal glass bottles are used in the medical industry, but these glass packaging bottles are actually quite different from the glass used in our daily life, and they need to meet more requirements. Medical and health services have been quite standardized, and the status quo of standardization will allow people to start subdividing their use. For example, some medicinal glass bottles for injection liquids have high production technology requirements. They are small, but they do a lot.

Quality requirements for medicinal glass bottles

1. First of all, sufficient transparency must be ensured, that is, people can clearly see the state of the liquid medicine in the container, so as to make a good judgment and evaluation on it.

2. It needs to have good heat resistance, that is, its thermal expansion coefficient should be as small as possible. Thermal stability is very important in high temperature environments to prevent severe deformation and even bursting.

3. It needs to have sufficient mechanical strength and be able to resist some pressure and impact. Its interior needs to be able to withstand changes in air pressure caused by heating.

4. Its chemical stability should be high enough that it will not react with the medium contained inside it and will not change the pH value of its internal solution.

5. The melting point of medicinal glass bottles needs to be low enough, so that it can be easily melted and sealed.

6. During the reaction process, no air bubbles will be produced, and there will be no serious surface quality problems such as pitting and gravel, which are basic requirements.