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Several standards to be followed when selecting plastic bottles for medicine

Nowadays, as the sales market of pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging is gradually increasing, so we are more selective. In the process of ordering, there are several standards that need to be followed. Otherwise, it will bring serious consequences. What are the standards?

The following standards should be observed for plastic bottles for medicine:

First, it is necessary to have a QS production license, because the drug packaging will be in direct contact with the drug, so special attention should be paid. This is relatively basic and important. Some inferior food bottles cannot be selected. In order to reduce the packaging cost, some drug manufacturers purchase and use substandard food bottles produced by recycling in violation of regulations. The consequences will be serious and will be devastating to the entire drug brand. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of drug bottle materials.

Second, during the purchase process, attention should be paid to whether the food bottle packaging is convenient to use, open and carry.
Third, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the packaging is exquisite in the procurement process. Now the market is becoming younger, so the packaging style should also meet the consumption aesthetic and needs of young people.

Fourth, with the popularity of the environmental protection trend, the environmental protection performance of the packaging materials should also be taken into account.