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Spiked bottle 1

Spiked bottle 1

Hair Color Packaging Series
  • Yuhuan Tianlin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of plastic products, disinfectant bottles, daily chemical bottles, beverage bottles and other products. Custom Spiked bottle 1 Suppliers. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Taizhou Yuhuan Tianlin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.. have been recognized by the industry.

    The integrity, strength and product quality of Yuhuan Tianlin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry.
  • Customization

    We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce Spiked bottle 1 products according to drawings or samples provided by customers。

  • service

    We focus on developing high-quality products for the market. Our Spiked bottle 1 and other products export to Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, accounting for 70% of total sales.

  • transportation

    The company is located in Yuhuan Industrial Zone, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is close to Zhoushan Port, with convenient traffic.

  • Cost

    We are OEM Spiked bottle 1 Factory, so we can provide price and products directly.

  • Efficient R&D team

    We have a professional and efficient R&D team that can apply green technology to the packaging field to improve R&D technology and product quality

  • Build an excellent management team

    We are committed to building a highly efficient and quick-response team, to be your effective assistant in development, to relax the efficiency of the integration of advantageous resources, and to meet the individual needs of customers.

  • Mold design and development

    We have experienced and skilled model designers. Through efficient communication and advanced design software, we are able to complete the production of Spiked bottle 1 products in a short time under the concept of customer parameterization and modularization.

  • Advanced equipment, special craftsmanship

    We have advanced production equipment, multiple automated production lines, excellent manufacturing technology and strict testing procedures to strictly control the production process, ensure Spiked bottle 1 products quality, and successfully achieve standardized production.

  • Quality Control Center

    The quality control center conducts zero-fault testing for each Spiked bottle 1 products, effectively avoiding defects such as leaks and snap rings. We have established an effective CCP system, including identification, monitoring and improvement, to ensure that product quality meets standards